Sunnah During The Sacred Ibadah of Haj and Pilgrimage.

The blessed are those who have been selected and invited by Allah as His guests to perform ibadah of haj in the sacred Land, they are winners indeed!

There are some specific sunnah for these blessed pilgrims such as

• staying in Mina on the day of Tarwiyah
• taking bath before assuming ihram
• putting on scent before ihram
• making voluntary solah upon the completion of tawaf
• stopping at Nimrah at noon before entering into Arafah
• to stand for a while before stoning small and medium Jamarah and to face Qiblah, raising the hands to supplicate to Allah azza wajalla
• and many more prescribed sunnahs to perform

Ya Allah grant all of us Your blessed thoufeeq to perform haj mabrur with Your Redha.


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