Stay@Home, Stay In And Stay Away From The Corona Virus. Its Sunnah!

In times of this covid-19 carnage that is invading the world, our economies and worst of all our health. Our beloved prophet Muhammad (saw) who is appointed as a MERCY to the entire UNIVERSE gave a good advice when facing a life threatening epidemic such as plagues and many more ….

Our beloved prophet Muhammad (saw) had experienced this in his time and this was his advise : TO STAY AWAY FROM THE PLAGUE! This is a call for the entire universe indeed!

Our beloved prophet also mentioned in another hadith that “Run from the leper as you will run from the lion.”

Our beloved prophet was already practising social distancing or stay @ home during his time. Our prophet was just not anybody, he had always had the protection from Allah and yet he stayed away from the plague.

If we had learned and taken heed of this hadith seriously before, there is a possiblity that the corona epidemic may have been curbed sooner. Allahu Akbar.

It is still not too late just adhere strictly to the nasihat of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ( saw) TO STAY HOME. In sha Allah.

So Stay@Home, Stay In and practise Stay Away From The Corona Virus, it is Sunnah!

Allahumma Solli wasallim ala sayyidina Muhammadin wa aalih


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