Things To Do On Eidul Fitr. Its Sunnah!

Alhamdulillah, once again Allah swt granted all of us thoufeeq to celebrate Eidul -Fithr.

Although the Eid celebration of this year would be the most minimum due to the pandemic of covid-19 situation, this is the decree of Allah swt and certainly there is hikmah behind it, Allah only knows.

This year Eid celebration may have few restrictions such as :

• Many of us are unable to visit our larger family members

• Some are still in the hospitals recovering from the catastrophic corona virus

• Some of the front line workers, health workers, especially the doctors and nurses are still working hard trying to save the mankind…..

So, this year Eidul Fitr celebration would be the most minimum and with sombre atmosphere.

All these little discomforts do not prevent us from practicing the sunnah of Eidul Fitr
We can still practice the following sunnah of our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw)

• shukoor to Allah swt for granting all of us thoufeeq to complete the fasting and welcome the Eidul Fithr with sihat wal aafiyyah

• take a bath with niyyat in the morning of Eid and use perfume

• proclaim takbir in the morning together with family and children

• dress our best although we may not have bought any new ones, its still sunnah

• eat an odd number of dates and best food available.

• doing solah jema’a Eidul Fitr in the House with children and family
(this year it is not permitted to go to Masjid due to the wabak outbreak )

• create ukhuwwah among the jema’a, do Dua to Allah swt with the compassion of togetherness supplicating
“ThaqabbalalLaahu minna waminkum – May Allah swt accept from us and you”

• do charity and give hands to the needy as much as possible
• do increase Tasbeeh, Takbeer, Tahmeed, Tahlil, zikrulLah, solawat up on RasululLah, and reading the noble alQura’an.

In this particular year, due to the restricted movement control order circumstances, there are many things we are unable to do, but doing some of the sunnah is better than doing none at all!

Allahuma solli ala sayyidina Muhammadin wa ala aalihi wa sohbihi ajmaeen.

❤️Eidul- Fithr Mubarak ❤️


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