Who Is Prophet Muhammad Rasulullah ‘saw’?

Muhammad (saw) The Best Human Allah swt Ever Created And As A Mercy For The Mankind…

Who is Rasululllah? Why do we need to Emulate Him?
Only these questions are gazetted with perfect answers in the book of universal truth!

Allah swt created His beloved servant Muhammad SollaLlahu alaihi wa aalih wasallam with a unique purpose that Allah swt intended to appoint him to introduce about Allah Himself to the universe.

Allah’s beloved Messenger Muhammad (saw) is given a unique assignment to introduce Allah swt and His final revelation, the Noble al-Quran to this universe, and to establish Islam on earth.

The final messenger of Allah swt, our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) has completed all the entrusted duties on him and has completed perfectly Allah’s Dheen on earth.

Allah swt appointed beloved Muhammad (saw) as the perfect role model for the universe and the mankind to imitate him to achieve the perfection and success in their life in dunia and akhirat.

Allah swt prepared beloved Muhammad (saw) to be His final messenger by all means, and created him to be a perfect human, as qualified man to become the final Messenger of Allah swt.

Allah swt granted His beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) the ultimate closeness with extreme relationship for His beloved servant Muhammad to realize the true existence of Allah’s wujud (unique existence on Tauhid). No one could reach this level of perfect realization except our beloved Muhammad (saw)

Beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) taught us Who is Allah with all His sifat (adab and akhlaq) and attributes, through knowing, believing and accepting Allah swt as our God, and after having established a strong and close relationship with Allah Ta’ala, our beloved prophet also taught us who is Allah’s Messenger and his sifat and attributes as a servant and Messenger of Allah swt.

After we have learned and understand who Allah swt is; next we must know who our prophet Muhammad ‘saw’ is?

Our beloved prophet Muhammad (saw) is not just an ordinary Man but a person who Allah swt created out of His infinite mercy as a special creation, and gift – Rahmah for His whole slaves on earth and for this entire universe.

Our beloved prophet Muhammad (saw) will do anything and everything for his beloved Allah swt and also for his ummah to please Allah swt, that is his uniqueness!

He would sacrifice anything, to be certain that Islam is spread to every continent and every corner of the world. He would sacrifice himself even, he is a man who does not think of himself but his ummah for the sake of Allah swt.

Our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) loves his ummah and sacrificed his life to guide and rescue his ummah by all means to please Allah swt.

For our beloved Nabi the welfare of ummah is the first priority always, the spiritual welfare of ummah will come first even on our beloved Nabi’s deathbed just before going back to Allah, our beloved Nabi mentioned “my ummah” SubhanaAllah. What an incomparable love! How great of a man is he who have not even forgotten his ummah at his final breath!!! Allahu Akbar!
Allahumma Solli wa sallim ala sayyidina Muhammadin wa aalih

There is no equivalent personality ever Allah swt create to compare with him! He was a man of principles a unique personality! His words were truth and honesty was his personality.

Certainly our beloved Nabi’s life was, is and will be ever shining with these uniqueness, and there is no other exemplary person available to compare with him, except him at his caliber, Subhanallah

Allah swt appointed him as a perfect role model for everyone for all the time. Beloved Muhammad (saw) shines in everyone’s heart, no second in this universe is passed by without mentioning the name of Allah’s beloved Muhammad, everywhere he is mentioned as an ever living universal symbol of good manner. He is all about adab and akhlaq. He is the only best, ever available man that the universe witnessed whom stood for the sake of mankind and for the prosperity of the entire world.

My dear brothers and sisters there is no words available to describe about Allah’s beloved Nabi Muhammad, ofcourse we are not qualified to talk about Allah’s Messenger whom Allah swt Himself praised unequivocally in His Noble al-Qura’n.

Ya Allah forgive me for my defects in describing about Your beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw), here may I humbly try to use my atomic measurement of imperfect words to write something about our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw), forgive me ya Allah

Our beloved prophet of Allah swt was, is and will be forever……….
•the best man Allah swt created
•the most beloved of Allah swt.
•the only all trustworthy person on earth
•the only all loving person of the entire mankind
•was, is and will be the guide, teacher, way, and only role model ever available for the entire mankind for all the time
•a man of great responsibility.
•a great husband by all means
•a great father by all means
•a great friend by all means
•the best educator/teacher by all means
•a great loving grandfather by all means
•a great successful trustworthy businessman by all means
•a great charitable man for every living and non living things on this universe by all means
•a great advisor to the entire creatures of this universe by all means
•a great military planner with sharp wisdom and leadership by all means
•a best friend, companion, neighbour, co-worker, and loving caring social being for everyone.
•a man of justice, law, court, mercy, peace, and love

Allah’s beloved Muhammad (saw), is a man who completed with perfection of INSAN KAAMIL

Finally, just for an example, I would like to share this great astonishment moments! when Allah swt appointed beloved angel Jebril (a) to meet beloved Muhammad (saw) for the first time, Jebril (a) felt he was not good enough to meet with Allah’s beloved Muhammad (saw), SubhanaAllah such a honor was granted to our beloved Muhammad (saw) by Allah (swt) that our beloved Jebril (a) was also aware about it!

Certainly there is No word that Allah swt ever created for us to use to describe Allah’s beloved Messenger’s personal qualities, SubhanaLlah.

Our beloved Allah’s Messenger Muhammad (saw) is not comparable with any other human beings.

Allah’s beloved Muhammad (saw) is only comparable with Allah’s beloved Muhammad (saw) himself!

Only Allah swt knows and only to Allah swt we seek for forgiveness.

Ya Allah grant all of us salvation through Your beloved Messenger’s sunnah.

Allahumma Solli wasallim ala sayyidina Muhammadin wa aalih wa sohbihi ajmmaeen.