How To Break The Fast The Way Our Prophet Did? Its Sunnah!

Alhamdulillah. We have fasted for a day already. Its time to break our fast. However we dont just begin to eat to cease our hunger but about 5-10 minutes before the call of adhan informing us the time for breaking our fast, this is the best time for us to make our supplications:

• We beg Allah to forgive us
• We beg Allah to accept whatever deeds we have made on the day
• We beg Allah to grant all our wishes (such as to be protected from the corona virus or covid-19 and to sustain us even when we are going through this serious calamity)
• We beg Allah to grant us jannatul firdaouse for ourselves as well as our parents and the rest of our family in sha Allah

• Finally this is the time that we make our supplication of breaking our fast

Then the adab of eating when breaking fast is to eat dates and drink some water. If there are no dates, eat something sweet to increase our sugar level after a day of fasting inshaAllah.

After eating to ease the hunger, beloved prophet Muhammad (saw) used to pray 3 rakaat of Maghrib prayer first before continuing to eat proper food.

The reason for this is that, we need to get our stomach ready for digestion after a day of fasting and when we are too full, it will be heavy for our body to do our solah maghrib.

Beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) prescribed that once the time of iftar approached then must break the fast first, and not to delay the iftar to perform solah maghrib, this also will support the concentration of Solah not to be diverted towards food.

May Allah give us the barakah and reward of fasting in sha Allah.


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