The Lifestyle of Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw)

We just celebrated Arafah Day, a blessed sacred, spiritual and soulful day which symbolizes that Islam was pefected on this day. Subhana Allah! On this Arafah Day that Allah has also decreed that prophet Muhammad (saw) is a mercy to all mankind and that we need to follow prophet Muhammad (saw) ways in order to … Continue reading The Lifestyle of Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw)


Cover Our Sneeze. It’s Sunnah

The world is on the scare. A sneeze or a cough are making people paranoid. Prophet Muhammad 'saw' showed us ways to sneeze so that the germs don't fly everywhere. He used to cover his sneeze so the germs are stuck in a piece of cloth. We are practising it today. Subhana Allah

Social Distancing. Its Sunnah!

Althought staying at home is one of the ways to combat or contain the corona virus from spreading. At times, we still need to go out and perform some errands like buying food for the house etc...we still need to keep a safe measure or distance with other people.Our prophet has gives this advise 1400 … Continue reading Social Distancing. Its Sunnah!

Proper Way Of Washing Hands, Its Sunnah!

WASHING THE HANDS ACCORDING TO SUNNAH OF OUR PROPHET MUHAMMAD SAW Washing our hands based on studies done by WHO and other Medical Experts is one of the most effective ways of getting rid the corona virus germs or any other germs. It is also the Sunnah of our prophet Muhammad saw. Cleanliness is of … Continue reading Proper Way Of Washing Hands, Its Sunnah!