Performing Qiyam. Its Sunnah!

Be with Allah while others are sleeping.

Allah’s mercy is infinite, strive and struggle to be blessed with Allah’s mercy is the duty of every servants of Allah swt who realized the reality of life.

The one who beg for Allah’s mercy and forgiveness during the darkness of night while the world is sleeping is an obvious sign that he has realized his duty to Allah swt and he will not miss the blessed “sunnah of performing Qiyamullail” to be connected his soul with Allah swt every night.

The term ‘Qiyamullail’, literally means to ‘stand during the night’ but it refers to when you spend some part of the night, no matter how short, from after solah Isha until solah Fajar, performing solah sunnah – QiyamulLail to remember Allah swt

Ibadahs such as solah sunnah, dua, recitation of the noble al-Qur’an, remembrance of Allah (dzikr), solawat upon our beloved Nabi (saw) or any acts of worship can be performed during the night.

The hukum for performing Qiyamullail is sunnah muakkadah (highly encouraged sunnah) but it was a special obligatory ibadah for our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) and Allah swt promised our beloved Nabi (saw) with a unique reward for performing Solah QiyamulLail, SubhanalLah.

Ya Allah we beg for Your infinite Rahmah, for us to be granted with thoufeeq to perform QiyamulLail every night with Iman, taqwah and sihat wal aafiyyah to be blessed with Your Redha


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