Solawat For Our Prophet Muhammad ‘saw’. Its A Beautiful Sunnah!

Friday is here! Indeed Friday is the most sacred day for the week!!!!

Although most of the Mosques are still not open to the public for the Obligatory Solah Jummah Jamaah but we can still supplicate to Allah the all knowing. Allahu Akbar

In sha Allah, Supplications are made on Fridays will be answered and granted by Allah especially when we make our solawat to our prophet saw as the solawat will in sha Allah be our shafa’a or intercession on the day of judgement! The more we make our solawat on Friday, the more it will reach our beloved prophet Muhammad ‘saw’. Ameeen Ya Allah Ameeen!

Whoever does solawat on our beloved Nabi (saw) in this blessed Day would be rewarded in tenfold or more. Subhana Allah


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