Our Second Source Of Guide. Prophet Muhammad (saw) Sunnah!

As human beings, our ultimate source of guidance is the noble Al-Quran. It is our pleasant companion, leads us with flawless guidance of do and don’ts in our life. The noble al-Qura’n fills our hearts with NoorulLah or Allah’s light for us to achieve felicity.

Allah swt appointed Prophet Muhammad (saw) as our guidance to teach us the noble al-Qur’an and to guide the entire mankind with the light of Allah’s Noor.

Beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) is appointed as mercy to the entire world . Allah swt appointed him as the final Messenger with final revelation – the noble al-Qura’n, he is the only available perfect role model for the entire mankind as his given Dheen – Islam is suitable for everyone and for all the time.

The entire mankind should follow the Messenger of the one Who Created them. We need to follow whatever that was guided by him to be able to thread on the right path.

Allah swt revealed to His Messenger everything that the mankind should to know and for them to come close to their Creator.

Beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) taught the man everything that he should know to become a righteous man. Some of them include :

(1) To know who is Allah and how to come closer with Allah swt

(2) How to perform our ibadah
• solah
• fasting
• zakah
• pilgrimage; performing haj or umrah

3) How to perform akad nikah

4) How to cleanse ourselves
• taking wudhu
• performing ghusl

5) How to deal with all the situations of our life for example during death, birth, war, starvation, healthy, sickness, suffering, happiness, pandemic situation and many more

Allah swt revealed the noble al-Qura’n and appointed Nabi Muhammad (saw) to teach and guide the entire mankind with the guidance of alQura’n. No one can understand the noble al-Quran without the the guidance of our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw). The noble alQuran and Sunnah are the only available source of knowledge for us to understand and practice Islam.

To be able to get Allah’s redha in this world and hereafter, there are certain rules and regulations that we must adhere to.

Without these rules and rugulations our aqidah will go astray thus the world looses its balance and therefore many corruptions and illegal activities will appear everywhere.

Without the above guidance a man not able to become a righteous man for the sake of Allah swt. Without al-Quran and As-Sunnah law of guidance the people will not able to differentiate between good and bad, halal and haram would be mixed together or are considered as halal or vice versa. The world will loose it’s balance. Naoozubillahimin zalik!


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