Reading And Understanding The Al-Quran. Its A Unique Sunnah!

The noble al-Quran was revealed during the sacred month of Ramadhan. Thus this is the reason why it is important that we recite the noble al-Quran as much as we can during the spiritual month of Ramadhan….

The best recitation is with understanding the message of the noble verses that are kalamuLlah – the words of Allah swt.

The noble al-Quran, Allah swt revealed to us as our guidance – a way of life for the entire mankind. It is obligated upon every one of us to follow the teachings of the al-Qura’n al-Kareem, in this world in order to gain salvation in this dunya and also in the hereafter life …… Without the guidance of Allah’s noble al -Quran, the mankind will not be able to know their way of life and also may go astray without perfect guidance for achieving the success in the life, NaoozubilLah. Thus the importance of understanding the words of Allah swt is an obligation on every one of us as an individual, as Allah swt is the Creator of everyone and everything. It would be an obvious disaster to live and to die without knowing the Creator who Created us, what a great loss !!!!

Only the Creator – Allah swt has the power to reveal the mankind a flawless book of guidance, so that it can guide us to have a “realization of life objectives” through aqidah (faith) in God, Who Created is, in order for us to be able to align our livelihood according to the given right path…. to achieve victory in both worlds.

Our beloved prophet Muhammad (saw) used to read, understand and memorize the noble al -Quran with the help of Allah’s appointed angel Jibrael (a).

Allah swt appointed the angel Jibrael (a) to convey and reach the wahyu (revelations) to prophet Muhammad (saw), thus angel Jibrael (a) became teacher and best friend of Prophet Muhammad (saw).

Althought the noble Al-Quran, the sacred book that was brought by angel Jebrael (a) from time to time to our beloved prophet Muhammad (saw) according to the decree of Allah swt, our beloved prophet Muhammad (saw) used to meet with the angel Jibreal (a) almost every night in the blessed month of Ramadhan to study and read the noble al-Quran together with angel Jibrael (a)

This shows the importance of reading and understanding the noble al-Quran especially in the blessed month of Ramdhan in which the noble al-Qura’n was revealed. Reading and studying the noble al- Qura’n is a unique sunnah, indeed!

Reading Al-Quran is very unique sunnah because it will be our shafa’a on the day of judgement. Subhana Allah

No matter if we are struggling or very good readers, it will be our saviour in sha Allah!

Ya Allah grant us thoufeeq to befriend with the noble al-Quran and to be blessed with Allah’s sacred words.


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