Eating together (Jamaah) is a Sunnah

Our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) prescribed ukhuwwah ( togetherness ) in all our movements. We have learned that there are certain sunnah before consumption of our food. Our beloved nabi Muhammad (saw) also prescribed that it is sunnah to eat together or in a group of righteous friends. It is also mentioned that the food … Continue reading Eating together (Jamaah) is a Sunnah


Performing Ghusl On Friday Is A Sunnah

Alhamdulilllah today is Jumua’ Day - Friday. Don’t we know that friday is the leader of the days of week? Islam is clean, cleansing ourselves is an obligatory duty for every one of us. Friday is uniquely blessed day, therefore performing ghusl or cleansing our body on Friday is a highly recommended sunnah. Some of … Continue reading Performing Ghusl On Friday Is A Sunnah

The Adab Of Travelling

When we intent to travel and leave our homes, there are some sunnah of safar (travelling) that was prescribed by our beloved Nabi (saw) during our travels.• perform 2 Raka’at sunnah safar (traveling)• step forward with right foot• Read the supplication before travelling• Travel in the morning• Glorify Allah during the journey• Travel with a … Continue reading The Adab Of Travelling