Solah Teraweeh. Its Sunnah!

Solah Taraweeh is a voluntary solah that is only performed during the sacred month of Ramàdhan. Our beloved prophet Muhammad (saw) used to perform solah Taraweeh on the night that the new moon of Ramadhan is sighted until the new moon of shawal is visible.

Solah Taraweeh can be done in congregation or as solitary solah. Our beloved Prophet (saw) used to perform the solah Taraweeh after the obligatory solah Isha. He used to perform 2 rakaat and break with salam and thus complete 20 Rakaa’t. The end of night prayer would be with Solah witr.

Solah witr can be performed as odd rakaat up to 11 after Taraweeh and Tahajjud.
After the Solah Taraweeh, we are encouraged to pray Solah witr as 2 plus 1 or can continue solah witr again as odd Rakaat after solah Tahajjud.
Prophet (saw) used to make special dua to Allah swt to accept all our ibadah, to be forgiven, to be protected from hell fire, to be graced with RedhaLlah and to be blessed with jannah,
in sha Allah……

We must perform Solah Tarawih with full of khushu’, with our body, mind and soul begging for Allah’s forgiveness and beseeching for His reward, Redha and jannah

Ya Allah we beg for Your Rahmah to maqbul all our ibadahs during this sacred month and grant us Your Redha


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