Sunnah Of Sleeping : Dusting Off The Bed

Dusting and cleaning
the bed before sleeping is a sunnah of our beloved Nabi (saw)

It has been reported that Allah’s beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) said: “When any one of you goes to bed, he should take hold of the hem of his lower garment and then should clean (his bed) with the help of that and then should recite the name of Allāh” [Sohih Muslim 271].

Having cleaned our teeth with miswak and taking wudhu, next step before retiring for the night is to dust off the bed and recite the name of Allah – BISMILLAHI RROHMAANI RROHEEM.

SubhanalLah what a Rahmah of Allah! that our daily sleep at night would be recorded as our Ibadah.

Ya Allah swt accept our sleep as our Ibadah and be blessed with Your Redha. Ameen ameen ameen ya Allah

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