Friday Is Sunnah Day!

Sunnah of Friday
What are the sunnah of our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) on Yaumul Jumu’a-Friday.

Alhamdulillah, Today is Friday, a very Blessed Day for all of us.

Alhamdulillah. Through our constant dua, Allah has reopened the mosques for all of us again.

Alhamdulillah, now we can start doing all the sunnah of our beloved Nabi (saw) that we have inherited, In sha Allah.

There are many sunnah of our beloved Nabi (saw) that we must obey and practice on Friday, some of them are :

• wake up for Solah subuh and prepare with necessary arrangements to go to Masjid for Solah Jumu’a.
• cut hair, oil, and comb properly, trim the moustache and cut the nails and be neat, smart with pleasant personality. Smile. Its Sunnah!
• perform special ghusul on Fridays before the solah Jumu’a.
• wear the best available cloths (white is preferable)
• Don’t wear half trouser, short, tight, translucent clothing, and cloths with pictures or advertisements etc….
• must keep a specific cloth for Yaumul Jumu’a – Friday
• Use halal perfume
• Avoid smelly food and drink such as onion, garlic etc…
• go to Masjid early as possible, preferably walking ( if short distance) as every steps are rewarded. Our beloved Nabi (saw) said that : “Every step that is taken towards prayer is a charity.” (Bukhaari)
• Enter the Masjid start with right foot first whilst making Dua for entering Masjid
• Don’t overlap or disturb others in the Masjid
• Make space for your fellow worshippers
• Go to the first Sof (or subsequently closer to the first sof according to the seat availability) but don’t jump over the shoulders of others.
• Perform two raka’at Solah tahiyyat before sitting
• Sit with Niyyah I’tikaf( niyyah: Iam sitting i’tikaf in this masjid for Allāh)
• Recite Surah alKahf, do Zikrullah and solawat on RasulaLlah (saw) until khutbah start
• listen attentively to the Khutbah
• Make special Dua’ between two khutbah
• Join making Dua with Khatheeb (Imam).
• Perform solah Jumu’a with Khushu’
• Join for making congregational du’a with Imam after Solah jumu’a
• Pray two Raka’at sunnah after Solah Jumu’a
• Make Du’a individually, after that come out from Masjid with “Dua leaving the Masjid”

Ya Allah bless all of us with the barakah of yaumul Jumu’a -Friday


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