Giving Charity. It’s Sunnah

Sadaqah : is the voluntary charity, helping others, giving, and all other righteousness done to remove the sufferings of the poor and needy to please Allah (swt).

Sadaqa is a spiritual duty obligated upon every Muslim, who is striving to please Allah (swt) by giving out of what Allah swt has bestowed on them from Allah’s bounties. Sadaqah can be given to anyone at any time.

During this blessed and sacred month of Ramadhan, giving charity or sadaqah is part of our responsibility especially during this covid-19 or corona virus pandemic. Our beloved Prophet (saw) is the role model for this noble duty, prophet Muhammad (saw) was the first person to show us the example and encouraged the mankind and made obligatory on Muslims to give charity to those in need.

Our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) taught us that Giving charity is a shield against calamities.

To give Sadaqa is one of the best acts for the sake of Allah (swt) for us to be protected from any calamities at all the times.

Sadaqah as a shield for all the calamities, If we do not want any unwanted event to befall on us, we should give charity for the sake of Allah (swt) sincerely, seeking for Allah’s help. Allah swt only accepts charity from a person whose sincerity reflects a pure qalb (heart). Charity is given just for the sake of ALLAH.

Charity would not be accepted by ALLAH if it was given to show off or as such Sadaqa becomes a disturbance for the recipients that they are obligated to thank to the donor for what they have received, such Sadaqa become a waste, NaoozubilLah. (refer ayat al-Qura’n 2:264)

Ibn ‘Abbas, may Allah be pleased with him, had said that, “The beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) was the most generous of people.” Furthermore, Al-Bayhaqi reported that ‘Ayisha, may Allah be pleased with her, had said, “When Ramadhan would start, the Prophet ( saw) would release all prisoners of war and fulfill the need of every person who would ask him for something.” ( Hadits Muthfaqun alaihi)

Generosity and giving alms are blessed attributes that Allah swt likes for Muslims to have. Allah swt is the Most Generous, Sustainer and Provider of all.

Indeed, Allah’s Generosity multiplies in Ramadhan. Similarly, the Prophet’s generosity increased in Ramadhan, and indeed he (saw) is the Man whose personality entails all the attributes that mankind seek and vie for.

ALLAH swt says :
“Those who spend their wealth in Allah’s cause are like grains of corn which produce seven ears, each bearing a hundred grains.” [Qur’an, 2:261]

May Allah swt grant us thoufeeq to increase our ibadah of sadaqa – giving charity and helping others in whatever way we can, especially in this month and at this pandemic situations, and let this righteous deeds continuously to be our practised ibadah for always in sha Allah…


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