Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw). The Best Role Model For A Father

Last month, the month of May was dedicated for mothers. This month, June is dedicated for fathers.

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) is the only ever available exemplary “father” for the entire fathers of the world. A role model for those who wish to achieve excellence being in fatherhood.

In Islam, our father is our ‘door’ to enter paradise. Without respecting and honouring our father, we are not able to get to the door of jannah to enter jannah, how if the door of jannah is closed for us? NaoozubilLah min zalik

Islam established a balance that Children must respect their father, obey and honor them and the fathers must fulfill their entrusted accountabilities and religious responsibilities.

As a father, he must be exemplary in everything that he does, such as

• in showing the prophetic exemplary life of a father to his children
• in showing the best manners to his children
• in giving the best education to his children
• in providing the best available education and upbringing that one can afford.

Ya Allah grant all the fathers in this world; iman, taqwah, wealth, sihat wal aafiyyah with long life under Your infinite Mercy, protection and Redha in dunia and akhirat for those who are still living.

For the fathers who have met their creator, my father especially to be granted Jannatul Firdause. Ameeen Ya Allah Ameeen


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