Solah Tahajjud. Its Sunnah!

Solah Tahajjud is very much blessed ibadah, while everyone sleep, we wake up just to submit ourselves to Allah swt, what a beautiful and what a sacrifice! You can’t do that unless you really are sacrificing ourselves to do so! Just for the sake of Allah swt. Solah Tahajjud, It is quite confidential indeed! During … Continue reading Solah Tahajjud. Its Sunnah!

Solah Teraweeh. Its Sunnah!

Solah Taraweeh is a voluntary solah that is only performed during the sacred month of Ramàdhan. Our beloved prophet Muhammad (saw) used to perform solah Taraweeh on the night that the new moon of Ramadhan is sighted until the new moon of shawal is visible. Solah Taraweeh can be done in congregation or as solitary … Continue reading Solah Teraweeh. Its Sunnah!