The Lifestyle of Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw)

We just celebrated Arafah Day, a blessed sacred, spiritual and soulful day which symbolizes that Islam was pefected on this day. Subhana Allah! On this Arafah Day that Allah has also decreed that prophet Muhammad (saw) is a mercy to all mankind and that we need to follow prophet Muhammad (saw) ways in order to achieve redha in this this dunya and especially in the akhirah (hereafter).

Prophet Muhammad (saw) is appointed as our ultimate role model, therefore we must try with our maximum effort to imitate him, follow his prescribed sunnah to achieve his blessed mannerism and way of life.

For all of us, as the followers of prophet Muhammad (saw), we are not only following his adab and akhlaq but also we strictly apply and adopt his lifestyle in all our movements, Insha Allah.

Below are some blessed examples of the life styles of our beloved prophet Muhammad (saw), SubhanaLlah.

• soft spoken
• walked humbly
• eat sensibly
• breathe deeply
• sleep sufficiently
• dress properly
• interact politely
• act fearlessly
• work patiently
• think thruthfully
• believe correctly
• behave decently
• learn practically
• plan orderly
• earn honestly
• spend intelligently
• sacrifice regularly
• worship dedicatedly
• serve parents happily
• respect neighbours appropriately

Ya Allah, grant thoufeeq to all of us to imitate and practice our beloved prophet Muhammad’s (saw) blessed lifestyle. Ameeeen Ya Allah Ameeen


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