Sunnah During The First 10 Days Of Dzulhijjah

It was reported that on the first 10 days of the sacred month of Dzulhijjah, our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) would increase a lot of special ibadahs such as

• recite lots of Tahleel (La ilaaha illa Llaah)
• make lots of Takbeer (Allahu Akbar)
• make countless Tahmeed (AlhamduliLlah)
• increased the voluntary solah
• gave lots of charity
• made lots of sacrifices and granted welfare to the humanity
• fasted on the 8th and 9th of Zulhijjah

Ya Allah we beg for Your infinite mercy and forgiveness

Ya Allah we beg You to grant all of us thoufeeq to perform all the sunnahs of Your beloved Nabi (saw) for You ya Allah


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