Things To Do On Eidul Adha. Its Sunnah!

Sunnah of Eidul Ad’ha is similar to Sunnah of Eidul Fitr only there are slight differences

• take a bath with niyyat in the morning of Eid Eidul Ad’ha
• dress our best although we may not have bought any new ones, its still sunnah!
to eat after the voluntary solah of Eidul Ad’ha
• proclaim takbir in the morning
• du’a and congratulate others, for our and their ibadah by reciting this du’a “May Allah accept from us and you”
• doing voluntary solah Eidul Ad’ha in the mosques (this year is not permitted for all though)
make sacrifice (Udh’hiyyah) and distribute the qurban meat to the needy
• return home from different path from the mosque.

Ya ALLAH grant all of us Your blessed thoufeeq to welcome and celebrate Eidul Ad’ha Mubarak with Your Redha.

Allahuma salli ala saiyidina muhammad salAllahi wa salam.

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