Supplication Of A Fasting Servant of Allah Will Never Be Rejected

Everyone definately wants Allah to fulfill their desires and needs which will never be rejected? Almost certainly…., everyone of us.

Hence, this sacred month of Ramadhan is the most suitable time for all of us to make our supplications to Allah for whatever we wish for. In sha Allah, Allah swt will not reject the supplications of a fasting servant of Allah.

Our beloved Nabi Muhammad (saw) prescribed for us to make dua’ and supplications in the sacred month of Ramadhan as much as possible, it is because Allah swt love to answer all the dua’s of His servants, if they do it sincerely and with the right intention! In sha Allah

Ya Allah, we are fasting with our qalb only for You ya Allah.

Ya Allah we are abstaining from all our halal things from a scheduled time to a scheduled time ….obeying Your laws and decrees only to please You ya Allah.

Ya Allah we beg You to fulfill all our wishes and supplications during this blessed month of Ramadhan ya Allah. Ameen ameen ameen Ya Allah.


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